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Malaysian Magazines Online is a Malaysian based portal that provides you with all the information about magazines and publications in around Malaysia. This is where you can find all the related and comprehensive information about all the publications that are available in Malaysia. The portal is developed to give members a quick look on what titles are available as well as what they promote.

There are various specialisation when it comes to magazines in Malaysia. There are currently hundreds of titles available. Published by various companies and encompassing all types of disciplines and sectors. Some are monthly magazines, bi-monthly, yearly and many other periodicals. Malaysia still fall behind the neighbours like Indonesia and Singapore when it comes to magazines as these countries have all types of magazines and publications that horde the newsstands every month while Malaysia is a steadily growing market. This is set to change as more and more magazines have since been introduced into the market as demand too grows from the consumers and readers alike.

At we have implemented a system by which you can subscribe to a magazine based on what you like to read. Working on a model of satellite television where you pay for a subscription of a package, you can pick and choose what sections you like in your magazine. You can also name your own magazine here.

Classification of magazines.

There are many types of magazines found in Malaysia. Here at we have provided you with the information on all types of categories in the classification of magazines. Categories like women’s magazine are the most sought after publications in the market while other categories are like Malaysia business, cars, property and entertainment. These are usually monthly publications that you can buy off the newsstands. Other types of classifications of magazines include those that are published periodically like every fortnight or every quarter like medical journals and such.

Local titles

The local magazines in Malaysia cover most of the newsstands. This is perhaps there are a lot of choices when it comes to local titles. Magazine like EH!, MotorTrader and many others are all local titles that are very much demanded and popular. Most local titles are cheaper in price if purchased as compared to the international titles. Local titles can be found in almost all newsstands in around Malaysia.

International titles

International publications are usually more expensive and would be title that you might have heard before. These are like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, FHM and Newman which are typically magazines that are started overseas and then brought into Malaysia to provide a more localised version catered to the Malaysian readers. Companies who bring in these titles usually pay for a franchising fee to the original publisher and hence the content might sometimes be brought in from overseas as well.

Periodicals and journals

These are typically industry specific publications that provide insights and recent developments into the various disciplines. For example the medical journals are usually published every quarter providing updates on recent research and developments on the medical industry. Doctors, medical practitioners and members of the medicine faculty will usually read these journals as well as publish their work if they have a research breakthrough.