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Diver Magazine Online is a colourful and informative magazine that offers wide spectrum water related tips and guides as well as every aspect of sport ranging from gear reviews to the best diving holiday destinations. You name it, Divernet got it!

More commonly known as Britain’s number 1 diving magazine, it has thousands of loyal followers who are interested in exciting water sports. The motto “Straight down the line” says it all as the magazine also provides coverage on the largest scuba diving exhibitions around the world.

For example, the London International Dive Show (LIDS) organized annually to cater the needs of divers at ExCel Exhibition Centre in London features over hundreds of exhibitors namely world renowned and reputable companies.

Another event of the year, International Sub-Aqua and Watersports Show which is held every autumn at the hub of Birmingham, National Exhibition Centre (NEC), whereby one of the biggest shows on earth – International Festival of Underwater Film and Photography (Image) is held every two years to capture and draw larger crowds locally and internationally.

Also, Dive Scotland completes the three main scuba diving exhibitions since 2000. The show that was launched in March 2000 at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow, received overwhelming responses from visitors. The exhibition incorporates seminars, come and try diving sessions, photographic exhibitions, as well as film shows and most importantly, performance by world divers including Sylvia Earle, Jacques Mayol, Stan Waterman and Jean-Michel Cousteau.

In conjunction with Britain’s most celebrated diving magazine, Divernet.com was launched in 1996 to reach out to younger generations that are Internet savvy. Since then, it has gained recognition worldwide and to date, the website has recorded more than 1.29million Divernet pages downloaded and monthly visitors up to 140,000.

Besides printing and publishing diving magazine for traditional readers, Divernet.com will also update the latest diving news as well as to discuss variety of diving related topics at message forums. Interested individuals can subscribe for email newsletter, Divernet Xtra, for additional information and news.

By the end of September 2001, DYK, a leading title catered for Scandinavian divers joined DIVER Group and so far, Swedish and Danish versions were published regularly to be distributed in Finland and Norway.

Other publications by DIVER Group including Underwater World Publications (UWP), Underwater Contractor International and also International Oceans Systems. Underwater World Publications (UWP) publishes extensive collection of books for divers. For those who are interested, check out the volumes and titles available from Divernet.com, while Underwater Contractor International publishes regularly with numerous topics ranging from offshore to inshore diving works, safety and training tips, oceanography; and military diving. Lastly, International Ocean Systems that has joined the group since 2003 covers ocean instrumentation, survey, mapping and sonar, cable/connectors and winches, research and development, diving and associated services, navigation and positioning, ships and salvage, and underwater vehicles.

Diving News

Diving news column in Divernet.com offers variety diving information monthly. Among some of the past issues discussed under the column including reports related to the diving charter boat Aquanaut that has sunk after a trip to Salcombe, corals warning tips, and also news bulletin on world’s coral reefs.

Travel News

Travel News under Divernet.com brings you the latest divers’ adventure and journey to deep blue sea whether at the spectacular Caribbean Island, Maldives or even Cebu in Philippines. In addition to that, visitors also get to find out the latest diving courses and packages offered around the world.

Travel Features

Travel features is divided and separated into several columns according to region such as Africa, Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Caribbean, Far East, Latin America, Northern Europe and many more. Bringing you the best diving destinations around the world, travel features describe the wonderful experience at specific picturesque destination. Divers spend time off the island and tell you their hands-on experience.

Diving Gear

Diving Gear is separated into group test, gear features and diver tests. Under diving gear, writers review the latest diving equipments in the market and explain the pros and cons of that specific equipment. The equipments range from diving suit to dive gear, breathing gear to kit checks. While under group tests, writers offer tips on certain products by making comparisons for similar items. Gear Features brings you writers own experience after testing particular equipments.

UK Diving

Divided into UK Diving general and UK Dive sites, it offers the best UK diving destination and other exciting activities worth trying namely boating and water skiing. Readers can get a brief description based on the stories and pictures updated in the column. Basically, the column offers information and tips solely on UK diving destinations. Thus, it is the perfect site for individuals who are interested in diving at UK.


Wrecks bring you history and information from the past as it serves as an educational portal for all. Reporting about the events with people’s death, Wrecks is a special column for beginners to get to know a little about diving before pursuing such hobby. Separated into several columns – general, tours, Q & A, and also 100 best UK Wrecks site, readers can search for past tragic events and the records happened deep down under the sea. Wreck tour brings you the amazing journey into breathtaking islands.


This column provides tips for beginners to get started as well as other useful tips for divers to become diving instructor. In addition to that, readers also get first-hand knowledge from beginners that learnt to dive and went through numerous misfortunes. Whether you want to learn to dive or to improve diving skills, training is definitely your one-stop portal to learn everything from A to Z.

Marine Life

Marine Life offers information generally on sharks, whales and dolphins. It takes the readers to a wonderful journey deep into the sea as the writer gets deep under with a mission to snap the best pictures and unforgettable experience for sharing purposes with readers. Besides that, learn a little about various sea lives including John Dory the fish, starfish, worm and sea slug. Expect the unexpected from whales and dolphins column.


Photography offers spectacular and panoramic scenery snapped in pictures for enjoyment of divers from around the world. In addition to the extraordinary photographs, readers also get to find out winners for particular photography championship annually. Also, find out specifications and advantages of certain underwater equipments. Read on for more journey and adventures to explore under the surface by a team of exciting writers.

Liveaboard Guide

Liveaboard guide is catered for sea lovers to travel from one point to another in their own dive vessel. Boats vary in degree of luxury and due to the constant weather and sea changes, one need to be cautious with the surroundings. Plan ahead your itineraries before cruising off to Pacific, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe or Indian Ocean.

Other topics

Divernet.com also features other topics such as caves diving, boats diving, commercial/military, health/medical, reviews, surveys, polls and also archeology. All in all, the feature articles are related to the exciting water sports. Therefore, Divernet.com is definitely one of the best diver magazines online. Besides, it also has the power to remain as one of the strongest competitions in the publishing market today.


From time to time, Divernet.com will inform readers on the upcoming diving exhibition around the world. For those who didn’t make it to the spectacular show, do not fret about it as the website will update the pictures and also compile a story based on the event.


As mentioned earlier, Divernet.com offers variety items for sale including diving equipment, magazine subscriptions, and other diving related goods. For those who are interested, check out the website for more information.


Forum, the perfect discussion board for divers from around the world to share their experience and unforgettable trip in a particular destination. Register users can create a topic and discuss it with other members. Among some of the most visited forums including equipment talk whereby divers can exchange opinion and advice with one another before getting particular equipment. Other forums are wreck talk, club talk, technical talk, destination talk and many more.

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