EH is one of Malaysia leading lifestyle magazine catered for Malay readers. Published by Blu Inc Group, Malaysia’s largest magazine publisher EH was established 10 years ago.

Complete with exciting and interesting columns such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, EH has captured the hearts of its loyal Malay readers. The fashion column in monthly issue focuses on the latest fashion trend from accessories to handbags and shoes.

In the monthly issue, EH also feature an article on the local celebrity to suit the readers’ tastes. Perhaps one of the biggest draw of the magazine is the beauty column. The modern and busy working EH readers can glimpse through this column as it features an array of beauty tips together with the best skincare product reviews and recommendation in the market.

Also feature in the monthly issue are events happening around town. Complete with photographs, readers can always catch up with the past events and join the coming events in town as recommended by the editor.

Lifestyle column features stories regarding relationship, stress management, and other issues concerning women. Among some of the past stories are “Stres atau Seks”, “Cinta & Wang – Mana Pilihan?” and many more interesting stories.

Not the least in each monthly copy, a column regarding men to educate and inform the women focusing on all issues of men. This is a column dedicated for those who would like to interpret more about their partners’ body language, behaviour, lifestyle and attitudes.

Finally, entertainment column publishes the latest and juiciest gossips from the local entertainment industry to the international arena. Also, check out the latest events and promotions as published in the magazine and win yourself some freebies by participating in the contests.

All in all, EH! is definitely one of Malaysia’s most prestigious magazines catered for Malay readers as the magazine is educational as well as informative.

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